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About Us

Welcome to Story Dory, a website dedicated to providing free online stories for parents to read to their kids. Our mission is to help parents promote literacy and a love of reading in their children by offering a wide selection of engaging and entertaining stories that kids will love.

We understand that finding the time to read with your child can be challenging, which is why we’ve made it easy for you to access our stories online anytime, anywhere. Simply browse our selection and choose a story that you and your child will enjoy together.

We work hard to curate a diverse selection of bedtime stories for kids of all ages, from classic tales to modern adventures that reflect the experiences and interests of today’s children.

Our team is made up of parents, writers, and storytellers who are passionate about the power of storytelling and the role it plays in helping children develop their creativity, language skills, and sense of wonder.

Thank you for visiting Story Dory and we hope you find a story that you and your child will love. Happy reading!

A woman reads a bedtime story to a girl.