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How Do You Sleep?


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Can you sleep with one eye open? Can you sleep in a tree? Pula has a bed, but he wants to know how other creatures sleep.

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How do you sleep?

By Alex Latimer, Diane Awerbuck, and Georgia Demertzis

Illustration of a little boy kneeling on the bed looking through his window.
Illustration of a bird sleep while flying. Text: How do you sleep bird? I fly in my sleep.
Illustration of a bat sleeping hanging from a tree branch. Text: How do you sleep bat? I sleep upside down.
Illustration of a green frog sleeping on the ground. Text: How do you sleep frog? I rest on my side.
Illustration of a sleeping rainbow colored octopus. Text: How do you sleep, octopus? I change color in my dreams.
Illustration of a duck watching over other sleeping ducks. Text: How do you sleep, duck? We take turns to guard each other.
Illustration of a baby owl sleeping. Text How do you sleep, baby owl? I sleep on my face.
Illustration of two sleeping otters floating on the sea. Text: How do you sleep, otter? We sleep holding hands.
Illustration of a walrus with head poking out of the water. Text: how do you sleep, walrus? I sleep on the land and under the water.
Illustration of two giraffes sleeping with heads on each other. Text: How do you sleep, giraffe? We sleep on each other.
Illustration of a pile of sleeping meerkats. Text: How do you sleep, meerkat? We sleep in a heap.
Illustration of boy sleeping in bed. Text: How do you sleep, Pula? Goodnight! Sleep tight!

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