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Little Tyrannosaur Finds His Roar


Eliza Cook

Little Tyrannosaur has a big dream – to unleash a mighty earth-shaking ROAR! But so far, all he can manage is a tiny squeak. Will Little Tyrannosaur find his voice and learn to roar like a real dinosaur? Join this determined little carnivore in this charming dinosaur bedtime story as he attempts to discover his inner T-Rex!

Book cover: Little Tyrannosaur Finds His Roar.

Little Tyrannosaur Finds His Roar

By Eliza Cook

Little Tyrannosaur marched through the thick jungle, snapping branches with each thump of his strong legs. He peered around with his tiny arms tucked close, searching for something fun to do.

Suddenly, the jungle shook with a tremendous “RROOOOAAAARRR!” Little Tyrannosaur jumped in surprise, then saw a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex roaring at a group of Spinosaurs down by the river.

“Wow, what a roar!” Little Tyrannosaur said, his eyes wide. “I wish I could roar like that!”

Little Tyrannosaur opened his jaws wide and tried to roar too. But only a squeaky growl came out. “Roooo!”

He hung his head in disappointment. His first try at roaring was just a tiny squeak compared to a real dinosaur’s roar. Little Tyrannosaur knew his roar needed a lot more work if it was going to shake the whole jungle!

Over the next few days, Little Tyrannosaur tried roaring at anything he saw. He came across a fat, munching lizard. Little Tyrannosaur took a deep breath, and…


But his little roar just made the lizard blink at him. He grunted in frustration. His roar needed to be much louder!

Soon, Little Tyrannosaur saw a group of grazing Triceratops. He inhaled deeply, puffing out his chest, and let out a “Roooaaarrr!”

The Triceratops herd glanced over for a moment, then went calmly back to eating leaves.

Little Tyrannosaur’s heart sank. His roar was still too small and squeaky. How would he ever learn to roar like the other tyrannosaurs? He trudged away, his little head hanging down. He would just have to keep practicing.

Over the next few days, Little Tyrannosaur kept trying to roar, with no success. He came across a flock of Pteranodons flying overhead. Taking a big gulp of air, he bellowed “Raaaooorrr!” But the Pteranodons just flapped away, unconcerned.

Little Tyrannosaur scuffed the dirt with his foot. He was ready to give up. His silly squeaky roar was useless! Just then, he heard loud thumping footsteps. An enormous old Tyrannosaur with a scar across his nose and faded green scales lumbered out of the trees.

“What’s wrong little one?” rumbled the old dinosaur.

Little Tyrannosaur looked down shyly. “I can’t roar well like you big dinosaurs can. No matter how hard I try, it’s just a tiny squeak.”

The elder Tyrannosaur chuckled. “It takes time for a roar to grow strong. Keep practicing and it will become more mighty. Here, I’ll show you.”

He turned towards a boulder and took a deep breath. His massive chest swelled up. Then, the old Tyrannosaur unleashed an earth-shaking roar that made the boulder tremble!


Little Tyrannosaur jumped back in awe. Leaves shook and birds erupted from the trees at the incredible roar.

“Now you try again,” instructed the old dinosaur.

Taking a deep breath, Little Tyrannosaur bellowed with all his might. “Raaaoaar!” Though louder, it was still squeaky compared to the elder’s roar.

“Better!” said the old Tyrannosaur. “Feel the roar building from deep inside and let it out strong. Try again.”

Closing his eyes, Little Tyrannosaur focused on the roaring feeling inside him. He took a massive breath, swelling his chest. Then he roared with all his strength!

“RRROOOAAAARR!” The trees shook and the elder Tyrannosaur grinned his approval.

Little Tyrannosaur finally felt confident. “Thank you for helping me!” he said gratefully.

“Keep practicing,” rumbled the old dinosaur. “Soon your roar will make the entire jungle shake!”

Armed with the advice from the wise old dinosaur, Little Tyrannosaur practiced his roaring whenever he could. He tried roaring at the sky, at trees, and at rocks. Each time his roar grew louder and more thunderous.

A few days later, Little Tyrannosaur was stomping through the dense jungle when he came face-to-face with a spiky Ankylosaurus!

The Ankylosaurus grunted in surprise. Thinking quickly, Little Tyrannosaur took a massive breath. He remembered everything the old Tyrannosaur had taught him. Lowering his head, Little Tyrannosaur unleashed a tremendous earth-shaking roar from deep inside.


The roar was so loud and fierce that the Ankylosaurus’s eyes went wide with alarm. It rumbled nervously then turned and crashed away through the underbrush as fast as it could.

Little Tyrannosaur panted, then leaped up joyfully. He had done it! His mighty roar had scared the Ankylosaurus away.

He was so proud he gave a thundering roar of triumph that echoed all the way through the valley. The jungle had heard him – he wasn’t a little squeaky hatchling anymore. He was a real roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex!

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  • Eliza Cook is a children's author who weaves tales of wonder and imagination. She enjoys transporting readers to magical places through her whimsical children's stories and picture books. Her stories are filled with lovable characters, engaging plots, and valuable lessons that help children learn about the world around them.