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Sharp Eyes the Silver Fox


Richard Barnum

Sharp Eyes the Silver Fox is a classic children’s book written by American author and naturalist Richard Barnum. The story follows the adventures of a young silver fox named Sharp Eyes, who is captured by hunters and taken to a fur farm.

With the help of his animal friends, including a wise old badger and a brave raccoon, Sharp Eyes manages to escape and embark on a journey back to his home in the wild. Along the way, he must evade numerous dangers and outsmart his human pursuers, using his keen senses and natural instincts to survive.

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The book is known for its vivid descriptions of nature and wildlife, and has been praised for its educational value and its ability to inspire a love of nature in young readers.

Note to parents: this is a vintage story and contains some themes that may not be suitable for younger or more sensitive children.

Sharp Eyes the Silver Fox Book Cover.

Sharp Eyes the Silver Fox


  • Richard Barnum was an American naturalist and author, best known for his children's book "Sharp Eyes the Silver Fox". Born in 1868 in New York, Barnum developed a love for nature and wildlife at a young age, and spent much of his life studying and observing animals in their natural habitats. He wrote several books about his experiences, including "Sharp Eyes the Silver Fox", which was published in 1921. The book was a popular success and has since become a classic of children's literature, known for its vivid descriptions of wildlife and its message of respect for the natural world.