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Spinosaur Makes a Splash


Eliza Cook

Little Spinosaurus longs to join her friends in the pond, but she’s afraid of the water. Will she face her fears? In Spinosaurus Makes a Splash, find out if our timid little dinosaur can overcome her doubts and dive right in. This encouraging tale of friendship is perfect for young readers facing new adventures. Join Little Spinosaurus on the rocky shore and discover whether she’ll take the plunge!

Book cover: Spinosaur Makes a Splash.

Spinosaur Makes a Splash

By Eliza Cook

Little Spinosaur gazed longingly at the sparkling pond. She could see fish swirling and darting below the surface. If only she could catch one! But the thought of going into the dark murky water made Little Spinosaur’s heart pound.

That morning, she cautiously approached the muddy bank where reeds grew. She carefully dipped one toe into the dark water.

“Brr, it’s too cold!” Little Spinosaur exclaimed, pulling her claw back quickly. The river looked wet and unpleasant. Definitely not a place for little dinos!

The next day, Little Spinosaur crept back to look at the river again. The sunlight made the gentle ripples shimmer beautifully. Little Spinosaur tilted her head. Maybe it wasn’t so scary after all?

Slowly, she stretched out one foot and touched her toe to the water’s edge. But as soon as she felt the slimy mud beneath the surface, Little Spinosaur yanked her foot back in alarm.

“Too squishy and gross!” she squealed, scrambling far away from the shore. The water was still frightening to her.

From the safety of a grassy hill, Little Spinosaur watched enviously as other young spinosaurs laughed and played in the pond. They dove below the surface to catch fish then popped back up, paddling around happily.

Little Spinosaur sighed, feeling left out. More than anything, she wanted to join her friends. She knew she had to be brave. But every time she looked at the ominous water, her courage disappeared.

“I’ll try again tomorrow,” Little Spinosaur told herself as she trudged home. Maybe if she kept trying, someday she would dip more than just a toe into the cool pond. Then, she could finally splash and play with the others.

But despite her intentions, each time her friends jumped into the refreshing water, Little Spinosaur would always make up a reason why she couldn’t join them just yet.

“I’m too tired,” she would say as they splashed in the shallows, or, “I think I’m getting a cold, I’d better not swim today!”

She desperately did want to play with them, but her fear of the mysterious depths kept her safely on shore, making excuses while watching her friends longingly.

One hot morning, Little Spinosaur was playing tag in the meadow with her friends. As the sun climbed higher, they grew overheated.

“Let’s go wade in the river to cool off!” suggested one friend. The others immediately started scampering toward the shimmering water.

Little Spinosaur’s heart pounded with fear. “Oh no, looks like I got a thorn stuck in my foot – I better go take care of this first!” she fibbed.

“Just come soak it!” her friends urged. But Little Spinosaur turned away.

“I’ll meet you there in a minute,” she said. She walked slowly to a large rock at the side of the river. Perching there, Little Spinosaur sighed as she watched her laughing friends paddling and playing in the refreshing water without her.

Part of her longed to join them, but a bigger part was still too afraid. The water looked so cold and deep from her high vantage point.

Little Spinosaur’s friends dove below the surface, then popped back up clutching wiggly fish in their jaws. They cheered and paddled in happy circles.

She wished she could swim out to play too. Instead, she had to pretend her foot was injured.

The hot sun beat down as the morning wore on. Little Spinosaur grew thirsty watching her friends frolic. She eyed the sparkling water. It did look refreshing… for a drink at least! She leaned farther over the rock’s edge, lapping up the cool water with her tongue.

Her friends swam nearer. “Come and play with us!” they pleaded. “The water feels great!” said one. “Come on in!”

Little Spinosaur was just about to repeat the excuse about her sore foot, but just then, a fish swished right by Little Spinosaur’s snout! Startled, she flinched backwards. But the rock’s smooth edge provided no grip for her claws.

She slid down the rock, and with a tremendous splash, Little Spinosaur landed in the river! As she sank below the surface, she panicked for a moment, and frantically paddled her limbs. But when she burst back above the water, and her feet had found the bottom, Little Spinosaur realized she was alright!

The water wasn’t too cold or too gross after all. It really was refreshing! Little Spinosaur’s friends clapped and cheered.

“That was the biggest splash ever!” one exclaimed.

“Wow, nice jump!” said another.

Little Spinosaur grinned sheepishly. She had fallen by accident, but they thought she had jumped bravely! For the first time, she paddled in the pond surrounded by her playful friends.

“Let’s all take turns sliding down!” one said.

“Let’s see who can make the biggest splash!” cried another.

They rushed to take turns sliding off the rock again, creating splashes of all sizes.

“Was that the biggest yet?” one asked after an especially large splash. The others shook their heads.

“No, Little Spinosaur’s splash was the biggest splash ever!” her friend said. “No one could beat that!”

Little Spinosaur beamed proudly. Being surrounded by her encouraging friends had helped her overcome her fear.

When they got hungry, the young spinosaurs showed Little Spinosaur how they caught fish. After a few tries, she caught one too, gobbling it up hungrily.

Munching fish together, the friends spent all afternoon playing in the refreshing water. Little Spinosaur felt proud for having tried new things that day. Now she couldn’t wait to play again in the pond that had once seemed so frightening before she made her first big splash!


  • Eliza Cook is a children's author who weaves tales of wonder and imagination. She enjoys transporting readers to magical places through her whimsical children's stories and picture books. Her stories are filled with lovable characters, engaging plots, and valuable lessons that help children learn about the world around them.